Series - 5 Labs® reSearch™

Series-5 Lab brings a revolutionary technology platform SDM

A Programatic cloud based platform to manage assets across all mass media, create TG specific next generation experiences, run marketing campaigns and report real time analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

SDM goal is to make smart and cost-effective ubiquitous unified converged multi-cloud platform with integrated media software and revolutionary workflows which allows the team to work from anywhere, at any time.

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Welcome to reSearch

reSearch is your personalisation playbook

Is your goal to build long-term customer loyalty or to get your visitors to transact or increase their order value as soon as possible?

  • Integration with Nearby(Physical web),BLE, WIFI, GPS, AR and VR
  • Real-time location and time-based campaigns
  • Bluetooth beacon-triggered campaigns(supports multiple beacons hardware vendors)
  • Real-time navigation across indoor/outdoor venue maps
  • Targeted User Engagement
  • Interactive maps of indoor/outdoor venues
  • Social Media connect
  • Discover engagement points

More Possibilities for Success

As retail and e-commerce grow increasingly more competitive, companies must deliver experiences that resonate with customers on a personal level. reSearch enables businesses to do this with precision, confidence, and efficiency.

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Strategise with SDM

Changing dynamics & create new possibilities is our moto.

Capitalize on the latest technologies for understanding customers and managing marketing programs With our SDM expertise and best-of-breed technology solutions, you’ll be a step above your competition when it comes to optimising the customer experience. Keep in mind that customer-centricity is the foundation on which great experiences are built. Never stop learning about your customers and their unique, evolving preferences and expectations. Identify these critical areas and personalise in a way that delivers results with business impact.

Organisations today are well aware that they need to listen & interact with their audiences on multiple channels. The real challenge is to correlate & identify a unique customer using different channels.

Successful reporting requires a big picture approach that combines many campaigns into a single view.

  • How to Define
  • How to Determine
  • How to Measure

About Us

Building Discoveries Around Exciting Engagements

Always see the opportunity in personalisation. Real-time customer data, rich insights, and sophisticated segments enable the delivery of personalisation that works for the customer and lifts your revenue.

It’s about the people behind the data. Companies must show customers that they know and remember them as they move across channels between OOH,TV,FM,desktops, smartphones, tablets, and in stores.

  • You want to manage multiple campaigns across different devices and channels.
  • You need to prepare for programmatic future.
  • You want to optimize campaigns to improve response rates, conversion, and brand recognition.